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When you download Messenger Facebook for PC, Mac, ios or Android, you acknowledge that it is not an official application and that you are not affiliated or endorsed by Facebook. The use of the application is subject to our EULA .

Downloads from Windows, Mac, iOS or Android installers may require you to install additional software during installation. These ads pay for the time spent developing and improving the application, such as Facebook Messenger . It is not mandatory to install them and they can be omitted when you download windows live messenger for PC, mobile or tablet. Contact .

Messenger Facebook

Messenger Facebook is a free instant messaging application. With this program or app you can talk online with any user who is connected to the internet. Now, with the latest version of Messenger to download you can send videos, photos, put emoticons, stickers and emojis. Also with this application you can call anywhere in the world to communicate with your family or best friends through the online website. With the latest version of chat messenger you do not need to get on the website and have the browser open. For example, the computer can be downloaded in the 32-bit and 64-bit version entirely in your language. Messenger is available in Spanish, English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, etc.

How does it work

Messenger for PC is a website for the official client of Therefore, when downloading Messenger will work under the consent and safely by Facebook. Download now free Messenger for PC ( 32 bits - 64 bits ), for Mac, for Tablets or for mobile phones ( Android - iOS ).

Download Messenger Free

To download free messenger you only have to see the operating system you have and then click to download in our buttons. Once downloaded you just have to log in and you can use whatsapp messenger on your mobile, PC or tablet.

The program of instant messaging and online chat can be used in:
Latest version of Windows - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 - iPhone - iOS - Android - Tablets - 32-bit and 64-bit computers - Portable.

Great appearance and design as Whatsapp and Skype. Messenger is defined as what was previously known as Windows Live Messenger. This program or software was created by Microsoft and allowed real-time communication between two or more users connected to the Internet. Windows Live Messengerwas born as MSN Messenger. Now with the new name of only Messenger and more updated, it can be downloaded to any device quickly and easily. You can download messenger to log in from any platform, be it PC, mobile or tablet. Enjoy the countless features that the new Facebook software has and log in securely. Chat with your friends and family, meet people, join groups with several people and make video calls abroad for free with a Wi-Fi connection. You can also download it from here and enjoy already on your computer desktop without having to enter the web.


Send messages without having to give your mobile phone number. You only have to send messages regardless of the device you use.


Thanks to the new funny stickets and moving GIFS you can express how you feel at any time. Use our emoticons and show how you feel with a single emoji.

Photos and videos

Function to send photos and videos at any time to your friends, acquaintances or relatives. Capture your best moment with your Messenger camera and add filters or texts to send them to your friends or share them in your stories.


Thanks to the group function you can plan your tasks with many more people at the same time. Share your location, use surveys or send a message to everyone at the same time from the group.

Real-time voice and video calls

We know that calling abroad costs a lot of money, with voice calls or streaming videos you can chat for free from anywhere in the world. Also, if you are one of those who feel embarrassed to put in front of a camera to make a video call you can use filters to feel better and more secure. Calls are free through Wi-Fi, in the case that you have a data rate, charges may be applied many times if you exceed the limit.

Voice messages

Now it is possible to express yourself in the chat with a voice note. For those people who find it difficult to write, with voice messages you only have to record a message and send it.

Send money safely and easily

Add your credit or debit card, or if you prefer add your Paypal account to send or receive money from the Messenger application in a secure way to any contact.

Share location

You can share the location of where you are right now. It is ideal for when you are with your friends or acquaintances can go exactly where you have been.

Chat with companies

Get in touch with other companies or stores, ask about your orders or if they have that product that you like so much in stock.

Play with your friends

Challenge your best friends to the games we have installed in our facebook messenger application. You can play online with any friend of the world without having to move from home.

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